The Newest Apple iPod Lineup: iPod Touch 5th Generation!!

I have been very busy at this time as I am currently looking for and applying for scholarships abroad. Preparing all the requirements, documents, making motivation letter, etc take almost my entire spare time. Therefore, my plan on writing a review of iPod Touch 5th Generation, unfortunately should be taken out from my focus lately. But, now I have spare time to start writing, so let’s start!

Well, iPod Touch 5th Generation, the newest iPod lineup from apple, has been release to the market on early October 2012. Some people, including me, have been waiting and wondering, what will this iPod offer to us. What does iPod Touch 5th Gen offer as a differentiating aspects from other iPods or even other DAPs? Should I change my old iPod Touch 4th Gen to this? or is it just the same as old iPod Touch 4th Gen with only minor improvement?

So, what is differentiating aspect between iPod touch 5th and 4th Gen? Here they are:

1. Design

I think this aspect is not important to discuss because design is closely related to each person preference. I can’t say this design is better than others because it’s totally subjective. What I can say regarding this design aspect is only iPod Touch 5th Gen is longer, thinner, larger display ( 5th has 4 inch while 4th has 3.5 inch), smaller LOD port, and one thing that attract my attention is the loop.

2. Display

The iPod touch 5th Gen have a 4″ (diagonal) widescreen multi-touch IPS display with a 1136×640 native resolution at 326 ppi. Apple also reports a 800:1 typical contrast ratio and a 500 cd/m2 typical brightness. While The iPod touch 4th Gen models have a 3.5″ (diagonal) widescreen multi-touch “retina” display with a 960×640 native resolution at 326 pixels per inch (unlike the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, it is non-IPS). The other thing is 5th has no sensor to control auto brightness of display, the one that I regret. I think this auto brightness is very useful to save battery life.

3. Hardware Spec

Firstly thing came up to my mind about iPod 5th Gen is what processor it uses. Apple release the iPod 5th Gen with a processor which is used in iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Apple A5 dualcore 800MHz, which of course make iPod 5th runs smoothly in almost all applications. While iPod 4th Gen “only” uses Apple A4 singlecore 800MHz processor.


The new iPod touch also sees its RAM doubled, coming in at 512 MB. That isn’t a huge number, but – when combined with the dual-core chip and the lean, efficient iOS – the 5G touch should be fairly quick. In storage comparison, Until recently,  iPod touch was also available in the same quantities as the new version (along with an 8GB model), but Apple cut down on flash memory for the discounted 2012 release. That leaves it coming in 16GB and 32GB models, with the new model available in 32GB and 64GB options.

4. Cameras


Though it still isn’t mind-blowing, the camera in the 5G iPod touch represents a massive upgrade over its predecessor. For reference, the 4G touch’s camera is roughly – if not exactly – the same as the one in the iPad 2. The 5G touch’s camera is roughly – if not exactly – the same as the ones in the iPhone 4 and 3rd gen.

5. Battery


Estimated battery times are roughly equal, with the new model supposedly getting an extra hour of video playing. Until we get our hands on the new touch, we’re going by Apple’s projections.

6. Intangibles

The iPod touch 5G is the fourth Apple device to get Siri (after the iPhone 4S, New iPad, and iPhone 5). Though the virtual assistant has been mocked for its obvious limitations, it still comes in handy for dictating messages, booking a restaurant table, or checking sports scores. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to use Siri.

Another potential perk for the 5th generation update is that it comes in colors. Apart from the black and slate version, the 5G touch will have a white front and the color of your choice on the back.

The only reason to choose the older 4G touch over the 5G version is its cost. It will set you back US$199 for the 16 GB version, compared to $299 for the 32 GB 5G model.


So which do you choose? Do you splurge for the latest and greatest, or save a bit on the older model? Saving $100 is nice, but remember that the newer iPod touch gives you a larger – much better – display, improved and faster performance, and a much improved camera. Depending on your needs, that extra $100 may be well worth it. But, for me, this iPod 5th Gen worth to try. 🙂


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