Scars On 45’s Self-Titled Debut Album Makes Your Hearts On Fire

This is the first time I heard this band, and in the same time they were just releasing their first debut album. I’ll review some of their songs in this album that has been officially announced in TV shows. In addition, some of their new songs will be reviewed also, but in a relatively shorter ways. Scars On 45 just released their self-titled debut album on April 10, 2012.

First debuted in one of the most anticipated TV shows on CBS, CSI : New York, Scars on 45 finally succeeded in breaking the brick wall upon them after years of striving in England. With two vocalists, Danny Bemrose and Aimee Driver, and a solid band members, Scars On 45 depicted point of views of relationships; the ups and downs, and also the magics of them.

“Most of our songs are about relationships, both the good and bad sides of them. It’s a universal language that every one of us can relate to, because we’ve been there, haven’t we?”

Scars On 45 Exclusive Interview

In Beauty’s Running Wild they obviously shown an irony of a man’s regret as he was into a woman who then left him behind with no reason when an egoistic uncompromisable situation occurred, as the idea was similarly shown in CSI’s episode aired on March 11, 2009 called Green Piece – tells an irony of a man survived from his house’s destruction only to learn his daughter was killed in the explosion. The song begins with a slow piano play and slowly but sure all instruments dive in together with a clear pattern that moves from fewer to more instruments as the song reaches climax, and in the end it goes down to fewer instruments for deeper ironic feeling. A slide guitar technique makes addition to add a grief atmosphere with appropriate effects.

Included in this album, their first EP that was released on January 2011 that was acclaimed as No.3 song on USA TODAY’s adult alternative airplay charts, is Give Me Something. Give Me Something clearly shows a devotion of a man to the one who he loves, while his time is running short to attain the woman’s attention but fails. The song starts with Nova’s  keyboard play, then combined with sudden sharp upbeat upon entering the chorus. This song is easy listening but with great quality. The fast beat goes well with the simplicity of the song, making it easier to catch, and perhaps, this combination made the song became very popular to rose up to the top of today’s music charts. Should you watch their live performance in the Bing Lounge in USA’s Kink FM interview, you’ll find the song is very moving and touching.

Heart On Fire was released as their second EP also included in the album, and it was taken by ABC as a soundtrack for Grey’s Anatomy. The song has a lighter feel with faster beat, with Aimee’s soft yet a little bit dry voice filled in the middle of the song, then backed up Danny with voice like a whisper throughout the rest of the song. However, this song a little bit flat but not affecting its overall musical quality because of proper duo vocalist’s presence in continuing the song’s mood. A pair of notes in repeated pattern played using piano in chorus, with slightly but not dominant electric/acoustic guitar melody companion. The band also smartly and implicitly put some idioms in the lyrics to fit the rhymes, with some of their meaning barely shifting, if you’re trying to browse them in the internet. Anyway, check out their official video of Heart On Fire.

Aimee Driver was first recorded in the song called Insecurity, following the band’s wanting to find a female singer to complement Danny’s voice. This song is very emotional with a deep salutation to a perceived vulnerability of someone in some ways in a relationship that makes a distress call in themselves in seeing the future. As the melody supports the atmosphere, with piano and sweeping guitar, combined with  low tone Bemrose and Driver’s high pitch yet innocent voice make a complete gloom. Besides Insecurity, another that has similar theme is Breakdown that shows a persistence in believing of something which is not right anymore, but does not have any power to shift sides and then caught in confusion. This song is stiffer that others, as if there’s an additional instrument is missing and supposed to be added to make it merrier, but still, the songwriting is the key.

This band has some influences of Snow Patrol, Oasis, Blur and Keane in their music. Their musicality comprises of deep lyrics, clean keyboard/piano, acoustic guitar and slide guitar play. They released variation of songs from ballad with dramatic harmonies to sweeping easy listening melodies with a strong songwriting. When you want encouragement, or grief on past mistakes; starts from a simple slow songs to fast paced that makes your heart pounds and moved, this is the right album to be collected. This album makes the right accomplishment of Scars On 45’s first debut album and this will sure kick their way up to the top music charts worldwide.

”Because the years can teach you things days never know.”

Scars On 45 – Insecurity

Scars on 45 are an English indie rock band from Bradford, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. They have some of their songs played in some favorite TV shows, such as CSI : New York, Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill. This band formed by recruiting their school friends dynamically, as a band member referred his friend to become a band member and so on. Interestingly, all the band members were veterans of failed bands that somehow shares same vision and finally formed the Scars On 45.

Scars On 45 members are :

    • Danny Bemrose – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
    • Aimee Driver – vocals
    • Stuart Nichols – bass guitar
    • David “Nova” Nowakowski – keyboard, piano, backing vocals
    • Chris Durling – drums, percussion

Scars On 45 Deluxe Digital Album Track List :

No. Title Length
1. “Warning Sign”  4:02
2. “Breakdown”  4:18
3. “Heart On Fire”  3:39
4. “Don’t Say”  3:58
5. “Change My Needs”  4:16
6. “Burn The House Down”  4:02
7. “Give Me Something”  3:21
8. “Beauty’s Running Wild”  3:50
9. “The Way That We Are”  4:36
10. “Insecurity”  5:16
11. “Loudest Alarm” (Bonus Track)  3:52
12. “Tomorrow Won’t Die Too Soon” (Bonus Track)  3:33
13. “Two Way Radio” (Bonus Track)  4:03
14. “Promises and Empty Words” (Bonus Track)  3:19


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