Alessandro MS1i Review : It’s Surprisingly Detailed

Alessandro is a unique headphone maker company. The owner will only produce the headphones only if he wants to. That’s why this Alessandro MS1i is a very rare headphone now. The Alessandro MS1i is the update version of Alessandro MS1, a more neutral sounding headphone as an alternative to the Grado SR60/80/125. The MS1, priced $100, is regarded as best sounding headphone in the price range. The MS1i however, has more $10 price than the MS1.

The Alessandro MS1i, like most Grados, is a forward-sounding headphone. What makes it such a forward sounding headphone is its soundstage, which is very small. If you listen to it, it seems like you are standing in the center of the performers. You hear sounds coming from different directions, but the source of each sound is very close to you. MS1’s is very good with rock music, more on that later.

The bass has good presence clearly bumped up, it is pretty well controlled. The mid is also voiced very forward.  The MS1i is very good for rock music. Sound of electric guitars always jumps at you with energy, excitement and rawness not many other cans have. But, actually, the MS1i plays all kinds of music quite well as long as you don’t mind its small soundstage. It also sounds particularly good with acoustic musics, as its tone fits acoustic instruments well. Female voices sound sweet, not the most accurate, but just sweet and pleasant.

The Alessandro is also one of the clearest sounding cans you can have for $100. Although not very 3D sounding (because of the small soundstage), the MS1i is surprisingly detailed. Instrument separation is very good. It is even able to sound good on the average MP3 player, what an interesting point.


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