The Marshall Major Headphone Review : A High Quality Headphones or Just Another Fashion Accessory Headphone?

Marshall, a famous maker of guitar amps  finally joined the rank of headphone manufacturers. The brand certainly carries a lot of weight, expected to be high class rock headphones.  How does it sound? We’ll review that for you. Does Marshall seriously attempt to produce a quality headphone, or just another wave of fashion accessory headphone? Let’s check this out.

My first impression of this Marshall Major was, it is a good all rounder. The combination of hard hitting bass and warm mids makes them sound powerful for metal, as I expected before from Marshall brand. Despite the boom of the bass, they manage fast technical stuff pretty damn well. It is indeed a rocker. The overall fit was comfortable, the sound isolation very good, the dimensions are quite compact and can be folded, and the build quality seems quite solid overall.

The character of Marshall Major is forward, that is good for rock. The bass is not too much or overpowering, but it carries the beat very well for most modern alternative, progressive, or hard rock bands. This character is suitable for most of youngsters nowadays. But, the clarity factor is not quite  good, I think. The detail is average, not detail champions by far, but not muddy either. I don’t mind using low bit-rate recording with it, since it could not delivered the detail well enough. However, this weakness was OK because it is segmented for rock music genres, not jazz or any other detail oriented musics.

Leaving price aside, it is a good package, you get a great looking, well built and decent isolation with a non tiring sound. I can relax with this listening some pop-rock like Radiohead, but I can also rock out with some heavier music.

But, for $100, I think it is a little bit overpriced. The overall sound is good, but not so impressive. I expected more for $100 headphones. But, regardless the price, Marshall Major is a great recommendation for people looking for a portable and style.


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