The “Absolutely Must Have” Fiio E10 USB DAC/Amp

My first impression when firstly saw the Fiio E10 was “WOW”. It directly attract my attention. The Fiio E10 was so likeable, easy to like from the very beginning. The body is formed from a high quality all metal packaging. And the volume control is well designed, numbering in the volume control makes us easier to control the sound volume. Simple but interesting.

This Fiio E10 USB DAC/Amp sounds really good, even amazingly good. Mids are full, very good bass, spacious sound, and unoffensive treble. The overall sounds are very very good. Everything seems to be placed right in Fiio E10. The bass is very good, which makes me nodding my head to the beats of the music. The bass-boost switch just makes the E10 becomes so punchy, fat and round bass. Very good. Turning off the bass-boost switch makes E10 sounds more clear and detail, you will get extra clarity in bass section. what a very fun experience, really.

The Fiio E10 is just fantastic, no other words.  With just $80, you can get a superb, simple, fun sounds. Give it a try, and you will be impressed.


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