Hippo Shroom and Shroom EB: A Unique Design Philosophy Creates Excellence Clarity and Detail

I have got my Shroom a long time ago. But due to my activities, I just have the opportunity to make a review now. Well, Shroom is one of my favourite IEM. It is a very good IEM with a reasonable price range. You should give it a try to prove it.

Firstly I saw the Shroom, I was so impressed by its size. It has a relatively small size, compared to the other IEM I have. It has a small cylindrical housing, seems to be made of aluminum,  which makes a strong solid looks. It does look small, but the nozzle part that goes into the ear, have such a bigger size than the usual IEM. Hippo put the 6 mm driver in the nozzle part that goes into the ear makes the size of the nozzle bigger.

Hippo Shroom has a unique design. As I said before, Hippo put the driver directly at the front of the nozzle. This design makes the driver goes directly into the ear canal. This is in theory would eliminate diffused reflection of the sound wave in the IEM housing and nozzle that causes some sound distortion. This theory seems to be proven well, since what I imagined when firstly saw the design was proved when I hear the Shroom. It is almost free from housing coloration, the sound is so natural without any unwanted peaks, pits, and resonances. It also has an excellence imaging, very suitable for classical music.

Hippo Shroom has a twin brother, Hippo Shroom EB. Shroom EB has a similar physical form as Shroom, the only difference is the ‘Shroom-EB’ marking on the Y splitter of the cable. The sound of Shroom EB, strangely relatively has no difference with regular Shroom. Actually I expect more bass, since the EB terms in Shroom EB refers to “Extra Bass”. But, later I found that, I hardly could differentiate the added bass level. It does have an added bass level, rather than Regular Shroom, but when playing some music, I could not differentiate it. Quite weird.

The Shroom and the Shroom EB’s strength is in the clarity, detail, and imaging, which is one of the best I’ve heard for an IEM in this price range. Imaging is really excellent, as the IEM itself seems to be disappear, giving quite 3 dimensional imaging. Detail level and instruments separation is very good. Combined with it’s good noise isolation, the Shroom is very good in detail. The instruments separation is maybe one factor why I like Shroom so much. I can hear the placement of the instruments quite clearly, simply excellent.


Driver: 6 mm Dynamic
Impedance: 16 ohm
Sensitivity: 95 dBm/W (+/- 4 dBm/W)
Cord: 1.3m length, Y type (the Y part is about 35 cm)
Pouch + 6 sets of silicon tips



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