A Popular Sony MDR-7506 Review: The Best $100 Wired Headphone You Can Buy!

Now, I am going to review a popular headphone from Sony, the MDR-7506. This Sony MDR-7506 was so comfortable overall. Due to the softer pads and headband, and the hinges placed at strategic points, certainly, the MDR-7506 fits my head perfectly. Sony MDR-7506, in my opinion is the best $100 wired headphone you can buy! No matter you are using them in a professional environment like a studio or just want really great sound for your audio – you can’t go wrong with this headphone!

Specs of Sony MDR 7506:

Headphone Type Dynamic, closed
Magnet Type Neodymium
Driver Size 40.0 mm
Frequency Response 10-20kHz
Impedance 63 Ohms
Sensitivity 106 dB/W/m
Power Handling 1,000mW
Plug Type Gold, Stereo Unimatch plug 1/4″ and 1/8″
Cord Length 9.8 ft
Weight 8.1 oz

These headphones are in fact used by a whole host of professionals and celebrities across the board, and for a very good reason too – they provide exceedingly accurate monitoring, great outside noise reduction and are very comfortable to wear for long periods, as I said before, it is so comfortable.

Now, usually with large diaphragm headphones you can notice that your music sounds a tad quiet when plugged into a portable music device such as an I-Pod – not so with these. It can still achieve bone shattering levels should you require it due to the low 63ohm impedance.

The headphones come with a 9.8-foot cord, a gold plated end and a 1/4-inch adapter plus a storage/travel pouch which the headphones can `fold’ into.

The sound quality

The sound outputted is what we’d call clean, maybe even crystal clear! These headphones are able to separate an amazingly wide spectrum of audio which makes listening and producing a joy to behold.

The Highs are razor sharp and will shatter glass if you’re not too careful, the mids are evenly balanced making classical and vocal music very easy and natural to listen to. And the low frequencies? Well these are extremely prominent and will be sure to put a big fat smile on your face!

What’s really nice is that everything is so well balanced, you really won’t find the need to hit the EQ at all.

The bottom line

The Sony MDR 7506 are a true classic! Whatever your music, whatever your situation – these popular headphone will deliver a solid performance time and time again.

One bit of advise – if you want to keep em, don’t lend them out! The soft pads seems to not so durable enough.


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