Let me introduce you, AudioBoost!

Well, this is my first blog. Actually I have made another blog long time ago, but it was my activities that limit my time to maintain those blog. Thus, i consider AudioBoost as my first blog and since I am a newcomer in blogging, let me apologize if there so many mistakes in developing AudioBoost. Any comments, critics, supports, questions, and suggestions regarding this blog, its contents, or others are highly appreciated.

Why the name is AudioBoost?

It’s simply because I love music/audio and it always boost my mood up to the sky. Haha. What a hiperbolic statement I think, but that’s the fact. Whatever my mood is, music will always boost it.

Then what’s AudioBoost all about?

Well, it’s AudioBoost and offcourse it will mainly about audio and all its components. However, I will only share my main interest, which are Headphones (including IEMs, Headphones, Headsets, Earbuds), amplifiers (desktop and portable one), DAP/DAC. In AudioBoost, i hope we all can share and disscuss our interest.

Will other components of audio be disscussed in AudioBoost?

I have stated that I will only share my interest in AudioBoost. For now, my interest is mainly about headphones, amplifiers, and DAP/DAC. But, it will not fully impossible if someday in the future I will share another audio components. We’ll see later.

Will AudioBoost review the headphones, amplifiers and DAP/DAC?

Obviously AudioBoost will review headphones, amplifiers, and DAP/DAC. This is the main purpose AudioBoost is made actually.

I think it’s enough I introduce you about AudioBoost. Check daily to see any updates. Thank you.


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